Month: October 2008

Albina Head Start opens location on MLK

Albina Head Start has opened the ‘Carolyn Young Center’ in the office building at 4219 NE MLK (corner of Skidmore and MLK).  Carolyn Young taught for Head Start for thirty-six years, and died in 2004 at age fifty-five.

This building was last used by the Oromo Evangelical Church, until this summer; it was purchased by the Portland Family of Funds for just over a million dollars in 2007.

2627 NE MLK

The storefront at 2627 NE MLK is presently available for lease. This space last held the offices of the Christ Community Ministries, an organization that developed out of the Christ Community Church, founded by Dr. Robert Pamplin Jr. and which sought to address hunger concerns in Portland. I’m unable to determine when the CCM closed up, though the ‘for lease’ signs appeared only within the last month:

Another reason to play the lottery.

To protect the Salmon River Estuary:

This photo, I admit, does not capture the billboard image well; however, yesterday was possibly the Last Good Day Of The Year, and it’s nice to capture a sky like that before it’s not seen again for six months. The billboard stands on the Planned Parenthood site, so presumably it will be taken down soon enough.