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Protest Against Police Brutality and Murder: today, at Vanport Square.

10357605_10202603022057359_1406373594564068006_nThursday, August 14th, 6 pm, 5229 NE MLK.

we shall gather across the street from the Portland Police Department’s NE Precinct to express our anger and voice our solidarity with the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri and people across the country who have fallen victim to this brutal police state.
we want both Mayor Hales and Police Chief Reese to very publicly denounce these horrible actions…”

Visit the facebook event page.

Sometimes folks are visited by the spirit of Dr. King, and remember that the boulevard carries his name because justice, truth, reconciliation are aspects of communal life that matter, and matter deeply; commerce and convenience are nothing compared to them. Folks participating in this event today are people I am proud to call my neighbors.


Historical photos of the boulevard at New Seasons.

The New Seasons on N. Williams has some historical photos of food-relaed area businesses on its walls, including these:

seasons4Photos of other MacMarr Stores are here at Vintage Portland.

Of course, the addresses on all four of these photos are wrong. All of these businesses were on Union Avenue.


Fuller’s Restaurant, and the Egyptian Theater on the right. The Fuller’s building was rehabbed into what’s now the New Song Community Church.


This one below is the worst-labelled; the street name is wrong – Dr. King hadn’t been born yet – and the number is wrong – the city renumbered Union Avenue in the early thirties.


For photos and stories of old taverns on Union Avenue and the nearby neighborhoods, drop into the Volga Germans in Portland website.




Support your troops, local police, and sheriff

At MLK & Killingsworth, August 2nd:


…exactly the people and institutions you shouldn’t support.

Meanwhile, across the street in front of the county building, the police were writing a ticket (for loitering?) to a black man sitting on the sidewalk:


Film the Police PDX

Oregon House Bill 3064, “Creates exception to prohibition on obtaining conversations by means of device, contrivance, machine or apparatus for person who records public official or law enforcement officer acting in official capacity in public place.” – died in committee, 2013 legislative session.

Portland writer and researcher Kristian Williams’ book, Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America.


SCRAP finds.

A bountiful shopping trip at SCRAP this past weekend. Let’s see some of what I snagged…

Doll head, named Cindy (I think):


Curious George stationery:


Shakespearean insult magnet set:


And! this messenger bag made by Jonathan, who assembled it from pieces found at SCRAP:


SCRAP’s blog of fabulous finds in their store is here.






Heritage folly.



The Heritage Plaza, empty of people – as it is most of the time. I have more to say on this another time; I want to note that this photo shows the plaza mid-afternoon on a gorgeous day, and no one’s using it. So much energy and spirit went into creating the history markers in the plaza, and the city has warehoused them in a place no one wants to be.