McCoy Village

Israelite Church of God event today at McCoy Village.

“Is the Holy Bible the Word of God, or the word of man?”

This afternoon, hosted at McCoy Village Community Center, 4430 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard:

The Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ is half of a block west of MLK Boulevard, at 309 NE Wygant:

According to the wiki entry on Black Hebrew Israelites,

In late 2008, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) described as black supremacist what it called “the extremist fringe of the Hebrew Israelite movement”. It wrote that the members of such groups “believe that Jews are devilish impostors and … openly condemn whites as evil personified, deserving only death or slavery”. The SPLC also said that “most Hebrew Israelites are neither explicitly racist nor anti-Semitic and do not advocate violence”.

The Black Hebrew groups characterized as black supremacist by the SPLC include the Nation of Yahweh and the Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ. Also, the Anti-Defamation League has written that the “12 Tribes of Israel” website, maintained by a Black Hebrew group, promotes black supremacy.

A Washington City Paper article published in 2008 goes deeper into the ideology of the Israelite Church.  The Israelite Church’s main website is apparently at – though I’ve never been able to get anything other than a ‘bandwidth exceeded – access denied’ message from it – but the Israelite Church’s myspace is here.