Portland ‘cold case’ police files.

From an oregonlive.com article posted this afternoon:

Portland Mayor Sam Adams released his “recalibrated” budget today, saving the mounted patrol and cold case units in the Portland Police Bureau.

He had cut the items in his first proposed budget, only to get a public scolding from then Police Chief Rosie Sizer. That led to Sizer’s ouster as police chief last week.

You can check out info on some of the Portland Police’s cold cases here, including this particularly ugly case:

Case # 75-46014. Fifty eight year old Wilbur Jones, an invalid confined to a wheelchair, was found June 16,1975 stabbed to death with his own broken cane. His murder occured in his room at the Shangri La Motel, 6828 NE Union avenue (Now Martin Luther King Blvd.)

The Shangri-La was converted into apartments/condos and is now Woodlawn Terrace, with the motel’s former entrance on Union/MLK now boarded over. Local art & curator Mack MacFarland dug up footage of a remodel of the Shangri-La filmed in the 1950’s, showed it as part of an exhibit of historical videos related to the city at a PICA:TBA festival, and posted it to youtube.

the Shangri-La Motel.

For the Time-Based Art Festival in 2006 (put together by the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art), multimedia artist Mack MacFarland assembled video shorts of found film footage that relates to specific sites in Portland.  One of these is a film of the rebuilding of the Shangri-La Motel, which was at 6828 NE Union Avenue (now MLK Boulevard):

In the video’s description, Highway 99E is Union Avenue/MLK Boulevard; the mention of DeKalb is an error, since DeKalb is in Southwest Portland.

Another view of the Shangri-La can be found here on allposters.com.au.

In the 1930’s, 6828 NE Union was the residence of a gentleman named Harry Circle; sometime after (not long after, I’m guessing), the Shangri-La was built.  Next door was the Shangri-La Café.  The Motel lasted into the 70’s, when it became Knight’s Inn.  After that, it was turned into Woodlawn Terrace, a stretch of condos accessible on Grand Avenue. The entryway into the motel along MLK was covered over, as seen in this photo: