Adventures on MLK.

Last night, my friend Jamilah and I were walking home from a Michael Jackson birthday celebration:

and as we crossed MLK, we saw cops in the MLK Walgreen’s parking lot and decided to watch a bit. We saw two folks getting arrested, one of them after easily failing a sobriety test:

As we were getting ready to walk away, we were approached by a woman who identified herself as Annie, and she launched into a lengthy monologue that we eventually had to beg her to break off. She had some interesting things to say about Michael Jackson being treated as glitz and news fodder to the exclusion of recognizing¬† him as a flawed human (a¬† subject quite dear to Jamilah’s heart); she told us about the social and political aspects of life in Honduras (apparently she was trying to convince Jamilah to do speaking performances describing the ways of life in various parts of the world; she mentioned Uzbekistan as the polar opposite of Honduras); and she complained about how the egg display in the Safeway next door on MLK is set up so that it’s impossible to figure out which kind of egg is which, without picking up the eggs.

I went into the Safeway to get some potato chips, and decided to check the egg display. Annie is right — one really does have to pick up the cartons to see what they are: