Earthquake Preparedness Training: a dance workshop.


Dance Class: Intro to EPT

Wednesday, September 9th  •  7 – 10 pm

Earthquake Preparedness Training, with Jacob Mooney, introduces personal dance and movement training to navigate shaky times. Discover tools and techniques to expand one’s personal and physical awareness, precision, sensitivity and coordination. Admission $25

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Cancelled: Lesbian Luau at Local Lounge.

Tonight’s ‘lesbian luau’ at Local was cancelled after an outcry among community members at the appropriation of a Hawai’ian cultural experience by organizers, as well as deep distress about other behavior by organizers and Local staff. To read up on what angered Portlanders (and folks from around the country, based on the comments), head to Local’s facebook and scroll down a bit.

This flier (taken from a facebook page) explains in more detail people’s concerns: