I chatted with Christine, real estate broker who is selling the condos in the soon-to-be finished Windows building, between Buffalo and Morgan on the east side of MLK.

This building will feature several floors of tiny condos, some as small as 600 square feet, with the largest being 1200 – and the buyer of that largest one has the option of dividing it in half and renting out part of it.  Such tiny condos!  They are marketed as part-time locations for “week-day commuters who work in Portland and want a place to stay while they’re in town,” Christine told me.

The condos begin at 169,000$; condo fees are 250$ a month, though that would drop to 150 if the expected tax abatement for the entire property is approved.  Windows is a “green building,” according to Christine, with bamboo flooring and as much of the building materials as possible made to be recyclable.  She expects the building to be complete by the end of June, though the contractors have pushed back the completion day several times already.

The building is called “Windows” because it is the former home of Windows Industries:

and the first floor of the building is zoned commercial.

According to Christine, this is unusual: she says that all other buildings nearby on MLK are to be rezoned residential; that is, as each business closes and is redeveloped, or each lot is sold for development, it will be residential only.

If this is true (and I will try to confirm it), the north section of MLK will look radically different a few years down the road.


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