Miracles Club

The Miracles Club, a center for drug rehabilitation and addiction treatment, currently is parked on 4069 NE MLK, in this building:

The organization has long sought to expand; in years past, it staved off complaints from neighbors about noise and disruptive behavior, but landlord Jack Gorman (according to archived articles on oregonlive.com) took a sizeable offer on the space by developers looking to build apartments. In the past couple of weeks, the Portland Development Commission has come up with funding to buy this site and develop it for the Miracles Club:

this space, at 4218 MLK, will house not only the Miracles Club, but thirty-eight “housing units,” with somewhere between six to ten of them designed ‘low-income.’

The PDC is using three million dollars from an affordable housing fund to finance this development; the Miracles Club is seeking other grants to complete the funding structure for this project. The project will be co-owned by the Miracles club and Portland-based Guardian Management.

Note: See the comment below for much-needed clarification of the financing arrangements that make the Miracles Club’s new building possible. I ought to have contacted the city before posting so that I would understand better what I already knew was confusing to me. Thanks, Sara!


2 thoughts on “Miracles Club”

  1. Great blog. As manager of the urban renewal area which covers most of NE MLK, I wanted to clarify a few things regarding PDC’s involvement with Miracles. The city, not PDC, provided the Miracles with funds to buy the site. PDC, at the request of the City Council, amended the boundary of the Oregon Convention Center urban renewal area to include the site so that the Miracles and its developer, Guardian Management could access tax-increment funds set aside for development of affordable housing. PDC is not developing this project.

    The project will cost about $11M, with most of the funding to come from a bank loan. PDC funds, tax credits and perhaps other sources will supplement the bank loan.

    Look forward to more postings about MLK.

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