Month: August 2008

unused building; Paulrus death hoax, continued.

This unused two-story purple & white building between Skidmore and Mason on the east side of MLK caught my eye today:

Not only does it contain yet another Paulrus death hoax tag….

but it also is covered in a number of these strange posters, each with its face… defaced:

What could these posters mean? Does anyone know?


Going out of business sale

After several years (four according to a clerk in the store), W.H. Sons New and Quality Used Furniture Miscellaneous is closing. They occupy the MLK-facing side of the building on the corner of MLK and Shaver, west side of MLK:

Before W.S. Sons was here, an aquarium store occupied the space. This thrift shop in it now shares the building with The Miracles Club. As you can see below, the building once contained a Cost Cutters, and no one bothered to take the sign down: