“High performance living”: the Graham Street Lofts

Graham and MLK saw the opening this year of the Graham Street Lofts, billed as “high performance living” spaces. The building is three stories of bright orange, green, and yellow, and is perhaps the most striking building now on MLK:

The building, described as “the perfect pairing of modern amenities with truly sustainable building practices” in sales lit, features twelve spaces for sale: a ground floor, with four commercial or live/work spaces, costing around 275000$; four units on the second floor, all finished two-bedroom spaces, priced around 325/350; and four penthouses atop the building, with “private city and mountain view terraces”. The penthouses cost around six hundred thousand each.

More from the sales pamphlets: “Leveraging revolutionary, European construction, each home in this distinctive community is designed to be comfortable and energy efficient,” and “these homes go beyond green, epitomizing the utmost in high performance and maximum efficiency construction.”

The last time I checked, four units have sold. I’m curious to see what sort of ventures will fill the ground-floor commercial/retail spaces.

Architect for the building: Mackenzie Architecture, 2827 NE MLK; builder was Bella Green Construction. The website for the Graham Street Lofts is here.


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