Oromo Evangelical Church leaves MLK

Oromo Evangelical Church this summer moved from this building at Skidmore and MLK, on the west side of the Boulevard:

Oromo is an ethnic group in East Africa speaking the Oromo language. The Church was one of a number of East African organizations on MLK, including restaurants, markets, and another congregation that uses an existing church building on MLK once a week. The Oromo Evangelical congregation is now using space in the Bethlehem Lutheran building on NE 39th Avenue.

The building above, now empty, is owned by the Portland Family of Funds. the Family of Funds is a private invest bank set up in 2001, with the cooperation of the Portland Development Commission, to provide funding for development and redevelopment projects in the city. The Family of Funds was set up when PDC determined that there were tax credits for redevelopment that could be obtained from the federal government, but only through a private enterprise.

Family of Funds is required to target its investment energies and funds in areas that are considered to be undesirable to traditional lenders.


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