Vanport Square II: proposed 24-Hour Fitness

The next phase of Vanport Square is slated to land on the property bordering Alberta Street on the west side of MLK, directly south of the current Vanport Square buildings. The ‘star’ occupant will be a 24-Hour Fitness, as an article in the Portland Observer notes:

In addition, demolition has begun on what will be the site of Phase II of Vanport Square: the Pacific Northwest’s first Magic Johnson 24-Hour Fitness facility, a signature sports fitness endeavor owned by the former Los Angeles Lakers star. It will take up an entire block north of Alberta Street on MLK with two gymnasiums and full line of athletic equipment.

However, all that sits on this property now is a tire:

Discussions about bringing a 24-Hour Fitness to MLK have been occuring for some time; it’ll be great when groundbreaking takes place.


4 thoughts on “Vanport Square II: proposed 24-Hour Fitness”

  1. Man, I really hope they do move in there… I know that a lot of people oppose more corporate presence on MLK, but so far the corporations who have chosen to move in to this strip have been really beneficial to the neighborhood and have given a lot back, and as a longtime resident of this neighborhood (my family has lived here for 3 generations, in fact) I would really be pleased to have something like this within walking (or cycling, when I’m feeling lazy) distance to home. It would be a major draw that will help boost traffic to the locally-owned shops nearby, and will really boost our neighborhood’s economy as well as giving me a nearby place to work off my impending middle-aged belly.

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