Possible drunken driver smacks into folks outside of Dunes

From KPTV’s website:

A suspected drunken driver crashed into a group of people outside a northeast Portland night club early Saturday morning, police said.

A crowd had gathered outside The Dunes night club on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard at about midnight. Police said a Volvo station wagon jumped the curb and careened into the group, pinning 27-year-old Lauren Rasmussen beneath the car.Rescue workers lifted the Volvo up to get Rasmussen out. Her leg was severed in the accident and she remains hospitalized. A second victim, 37-year-old Austin Putnam, also suffered traumatic injuries to his legs.After the crash, police arrested the driver, 30-year-old Zoe Hoeltzel. Police said she had turned from San Rafael Street onto Martin Luther King Boulevard when 21-year-old Lee Percy Brown’s Dodge Charger crashed into her Volvo.

The impact sent the Volvo off the street and into the victims, police said.

Brown and Hoeltzel were both arrested in connection with the crash.


Dunes is at 1909 NE MLK.

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