TOWN TOPICS: Huss Sets Reply to Rev. King’s Talk

by Peter Thompson

Journal Staff Writer

Walter Huss will stand on The Auditorium stage on Tuesday, Nov. 14, and describe Dr. Martin Luther King as “communist approved” and “the leading spokesman of the left wing.”

In a broadside aimed at the Negro civil rights leader, Huss, director of the Portland Freedom Center, has published an 8-page pamphlet advertising the event as an “exposé” titled “What the Reds Mean by Civil Rights.”

The meeting will be Huss’ reply to an address to be given a few days earlier, also in The Auditorium, by Dr. King.

Huss will be accompanied on stage by Arthur Bonhomme, described as President of the Haitian Bible Society and “an international Negro leader.”

Huss, in the pamphlet, calls himself “a distinguished leader of the vital anti-communist movement in America.”

The pamphlet tells how Dr. King has been repeatedly photographed with prominent communists, and reveals the fact that he once signed a statement calling for suspension of nuclear weapons tests.

Also advertised in the publication is “The Sixth Freedom Center School of Americanism and Anti-Communism” to be held at the Freedom Center on SE Taylor Street.

Huss will be the featured speaker at the Tuesday lunch meeting of the Kiwanis Club in the Multnomah Hotel.

The Kiwanis bulletin calls the Freedom Center “a patriotic anti-communist organization.”

A discordant note may be struck when Huss is introduced by the chairman of the day. His name is O.C. “Red” Dunning.

Published in the Oregon Journal, November 6, 1961. Walter Huss and his wife Rosalie later became prominent leaders in the fight to stop the City of Portland from renaming Union Avenue after Dr. King.


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