Chester Dorsey car wash becomes….

The truth is, “Chester Dorsey” is far and away the most popular search term that lands people on this blog, so I’m going to continue posting about the CD car washes until there’s no trace that they were ever Dorsey’s. Above, we can see repainting at the southernmost CD car Wash, although only part of the sign has been painted over, and Dorsey’s name still is visible.

Below, the northernmost Chester Dorsey remains untouched, but for some new graffiti on its sign. The porperty behind it, Sporty Auto Upholstery, recently lowered its sale price from $475,000 to $300,000, having been on sale for over a year now.


1 thought on “Chester Dorsey car wash becomes….”

  1. chester dorsey is 2 years behind in child support for both of his 2 girls. any information on this character would be helpful.

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