Albina Fuel.

Billboard on MLK:

How many people still think of the area surrounding MLK Boulevard (north of Lloyd Center) as Albina? It seems like this name is beginning to fade. Is it possible that “MLK” has almost completely replaced “Albina” as the catchall term for the area (along with a switch from ‘Albina’ to ‘MLK’ as a codeword for ‘African-American neighborhood’)? Will Albina be forever relegated to a historical term for the area (Albina, once a separate city, became a description of an agglutination of neighborhoods, and a buzzword for urban revitalization projects in the fifties and sixties)?

I suspect that city projects such as the MLK Heritage Markers and Gateway Project will hasten the disappearance of “Albina” as a viable term to describe the area, rather than preserve it.


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