It’s About Me Fitness

It’s About Me Fitness has opened a new branch of their fitness centers in the southernmost building being renovated at Alberta:

My roommate joined this gym as soon as it opened (and before it was fully operational), and he seems pretty happy with it. Also, I haven’t told him this, but he does look thinner now than before he joined.

The address is 4943 NE MLK, although the entrance is currently in back of the building, on Garfield.

4 thoughts on “It’s About Me Fitness”

  1. I’m confused. I thought 24 Fitness was opening on MLK and Alberta? I noticed the sign on the construction site was for ME Fitness? Do you know what’s going on?

    1. Kash,

      24 Hour Fitness is considering building a gym on the lot next to Old Town Pizza, just north of Alberta. A decision is expected this spring (24 Hour Fitness is wary of expanding too much at this time, as I understand it).

      It’s About Me put its gym on the south end of the building that is just south of Alberta. This is a much, much smaller gym than 24HF. My guess is that its presence wouldn’t/won’t have any impact on 24HF’s decision.

  2. 24 Hour will not be building on that lot. NE Portland has a 24hr access gym with passionate trainers, not that 24hr sales machine that only cares about the $…

  3. […] May 21, 2009 · No Comments The Oregonian has a new article discussing Portland Development Commission projects that are going forward at this time, and those that are stalled because of funding issues. The article includes  several sites on MLK Boulevard, including the long-rumored 24 Hour Fitness at MLK and Alberta, which is listed as “delayed.” That now-empty block, of course, sits directly across Alberta from the building undergoing rehabilitation that will hold It’s About Me Fitness. […]

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