The Leotard, Inc. comes to MLK.

At 2432 NE MLK, The Leotard, Inc. has relocated its shop from Lloyd Center Mall. This space is the MLK-bordering edge of the black.white. building; more on this building later.

ExpressNets, the company that oversaw Portland’s now-collapsed Metro Wifi project, last occupied this space.


1 thought on “The Leotard, Inc. comes to MLK.”

  1. To be fair to ExpressNets, they sold equipment that connected to the now failed network you reference, but they were not responsible for it in any way. MetroFi built, owned, operated and abandoned the network.

    Presumably, a large part of ExpressNets’ customer base were folks connecting to MetroFi, and so they are more accurately a casualty of MetroFi’s failure.

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