Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Action Plan

In 2006, the Portland Development Commission commissioned an “action plan” to guide revitalization of MLK Boulevard. Participants in creating the plan included PDC staff, the Portland Office of Transportation, the city’s Bureau of Planning, and the city’s Bureau of Development Services.

The PDC intended for the Action Plan to “implement long-standing goals set forth in the Albina Community Plan and the Oregon Convention Center Urban Renewal Area Plan,” according to the Updated Action Plan released in 2008. The PDC also holds quarterly public meetings of the MLK, Jr. Boulevard Advisory Committee, which meets to discuss development projects along MLK, and their impact on the community.

The Plan consists of six strategies, roughly summarized as:

  • serving as a framework for coordinating public entities and private developers and stakeholders to continue development along MLK that “creates local wealth creation” and is a benefit to the community as a whole;
  • actively engages public involvement in the process;
  • fosters business development along the boulevard, especially minority-owned businesses;
  • develop mixed-use commercial developments;
  • facilitate residential constructions;
  • improve MLK’s ability to serve pedestrians and motorized transit.

The PDC regularly assesses the progress of its efforts for MLK in these areas, and engages in a slew of smaller activities that attempt to meet these goals. There’s no chance I can list all of them, so I’ll just point out a few: the PDC Storefront Improvement grants; current discussions about “shared parking programs” for the boulevard’s businesses; bringing real estate brokers to look at properties along the boulevard; work with the North/Northeast Business Association (headquarted on MLK) to strategize ways to aid business owners on the boulevard.

Updated versions of the Action Plan can be found here.


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