Moment of Truth Tattoo opens at 3821 NE MLK.

The revitalization of MLK Boulevard between Fremont and Alberta Streets continues, as Jake and Brandon have opened Moment of Truth Tattoo at 3821 NE MLK, in a newly-rehabbed storefront:

Moment of Truth will have its grand opening on the last Thursday in June, with a party to celebrate.

The building at 3821-27 MLK has been standing since 1922, and among other businesses, has held the Union Avenue Novelty Shop; Mister Charr’s (a “place of amusement,” according to the 1982 Polk city directory for Portland, and Sweetarts Incorporated, makers of candied fruits.  Moment of Truth now shares the building with Champions Barbershop.


2 thoughts on “Moment of Truth Tattoo opens at 3821 NE MLK.”

  1. Jake Tong has done some awesome work here in New Hampshire and it was on my back,so good I am looking forward to the time for which I can make it out to Portland so as he can do some more work on my back and both arms.
    KEVIN T.

    1. Hey Kevin!!! Thanks for the kind words. Great to hear from you. Check out and shoot me a email so i can contact you when im around NH again. I do spots at C.C. when im around or may come back for a convention. Take care man!!!

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