Flu shots: prudent, or unwise?

On a telephone poll at NE MLK and Bryant…

…and the Walgreen’s at MLK and Ainsworth, which is offering seasonal flu shots now and may begin offering ‘swine flu’ vaccine shots next month:

Meanwhile, Progresso Soup itself is caught up in the so-called “soup safety war” wherein its manufacturer, General Mills, is taking heat for ads that suggest that Campbell’s Soups have MSG, and Progresso Soups don’t.


2 thoughts on “Flu shots: prudent, or unwise?”

  1. I have no plan on getting either flu shot. Getting the flu injected into me doesn’t really make a lot of sense, and I still get sick once a year. I was raised on not feeding antibiotics into my system every time I have a sniffle, and educated to understand that the more you take care of your body (what you put in it) helps you have a greater resistance than any Purell dispenser can. Just like putting pesticides on your garden versus going organic, we need to remember there are good bugs out there. And that next year there will be something new for the media to hype as the next big ‘pandemic’.

  2. So the other week i was walking down MLK on my way to meet the amazing author of this blog for brunch at the fabulous Bridges Cafe on MLK. I had just finished math class, walking south. The sun was in my eyes as i was struggling to see. A man with a shopping cart piled high with crap stops a good 5 yards away from me and shouts “you ok?” i didn’t hear him at first. I keep walking… he stands there “It’s going to be okay, i promise” and smiles and again says “you ok? it’ll be okay!” I smiled at him and said i was great, and kept walking.

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