99¢ Records — now open at 2940 NE MLK Boulevard

A few weeks ago, 99¢ Records opened at 2940 NE MLK, until recently the address for the Idealist Financial Services:

Visit the record shop’s facebook, and then head over and check out the bins!*

There are two other record shops on the Boulevard: BrickWall Records at 3213 NE MLK specializes in punk, and On The K Records at MLK & NE Jarrett (more on each of these in future posts).

*I recently had to decide whether facebook is ‘officially’ capitalized for something I was editing for work. I chose to go with the corporate name Facebook for the work article, but in this blog I’m going to use ‘facebook’ as it’s shown on the site itself.


Portland Black Panther history classes.

Sarah Mirk wrote about the Black Panthers a few weeks back in the Mercury, mentioning Union Avenue (now MLK Blvd.) as the site of the Black Panthers headquarters in the late sixties/early seventies.  I’ve got more to write about Black Panther activities on Union Avenue at some point, but for now I’m posting to mention that Students for Unity at Portland State are hosting a weekly Black Panthers history class on Monday nights this spring. The schedule is here; the last class will feature local Panther speakers.

Other info, if you’re interested, on Portland’s Black Panthers can be found here, and especially at It’s About Time: Black Panther Party Legacy (scroll down for links to the pages on the Portland chapter).

Graham Street Lofts

In a city known as much for its love of earth tones as its love of organic cuisine, the neon orange and green lofts pulsate against subdued MLK Boulevard.

“I think neutral colors are a crime against humanity,” said Mackenzie. “I like bright colors. If you go to Ireland or Sweden, where the climate is similar, you have these great bright colors.”

More familiar accents are the building’s ornate cornices, which are made from native Doug Fir.

“A tall building needs a big hat,” Mackenzie said. “I liked having the timber on the exterior because it’s reflective of our environment and regionalism.”

–from a 2008 Daily Journal of Commerce article

The perfect pairing of modern amenities with truly sustainable building practices,”  the recently-built Graham Street Lofts building contains street-scape commercial spaces, with lofts and penthouses above.

Ground-floor commercial spaces in the Graham Street Lofts have been full for some time:

You can read a neighbor’s review of the shops at Graham Street Lofts in the Eliot News Newsletter. Since that was written, Search Marketing Team (an online search engine ‘optimizer‘) has replaced the Great Magnet Recording facility at 2821 NE MLK. I’m planning to take one of my laptops to Happy Hamster for some repair work.

“If people in Portland are using the Clinton Condos as an example of bad high density housing that’s destructive to the urban fabric, I truly feel sorry for their ignorance. Why don’t they go take a look at the Graham Street Lofts on MLK Boulevard, a fluorescent orange colored, cloyingly neo-traditional monstrosity.”

–Brian Libby, responding to a comment at his Portland Architecture blog.

Half-price tickets to Curious Comedy!

Check groupon for half-price tickets to shows at Curious Comedy, today only. Curious Comedy Theater (5225 NE MLK, in Vanport Square) has all sorts of shows, music and performance; check their website here.

Curious Comedy Theater also hosts community events. This Wednesday evening, a number of community groups will be holding a public forum on police accountability at the theater.