Up the street, in the window of Community Warehouse, I saw this painting, titled ‘Alas, Poor Yorick’:

What a strange photograph. Community Warehouse at 3969 NE MLK, with its estate store on MLK selling odds and ends, is the proud publisher of this blog (as Emily reminded me recently), which features regular hilarity:

A vintage Eames chair copy, presumably by Plycraft. It is upholstered in brown leather. We’d say that the chair is in ‘fair’ condition (i.e., less than good) as it is missing the seat buttons and the leather is worn. On the other hand when you’re sitting in it watching reruns of the Watergate Hearings you won’t notice it at all.

All Your Vase Are Belong To Us: Well, maybe not all of them. Here we have a very large vase that was given to us by a donor from the land of nearly, but not completely dead internet memes.

Reynard gets a new job.

As you see above, Angry Beaver can be fed through a nut meat grinder and due to his great skills and ingenuity keep every part intact, not just his vital bits. (If he ever has to go back on the road he’s going to do a magic show built around surviving the perils of kitchen equipment; he and Happy Dog! have spent hours planning it out.)

And on, and on, and on. It’s consistently awesome.








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