Community Warehouse on MLK.

Another fine morning at work with a hot cup of coffee in your hand and the damn transporter won’t function properly.  The bad news is that no one’s boldly going anywhere.

Circa 1989 Star Trek mug featuring Kirk, Spock and McCoy on the transporter.  They’re painted on with a thermochromic material that’s supposed to fade and become transparent as hot beverages are poured in.

Unfortunately exposure to ultraviolet radiation, solvents and high temperatures reduce the lifespan of thermochromic materials. In the case of this mug, its day has come and gone and the crew of the Enterprise are forever stuck in the transporter chamber. That is, we’re not able to produce enough heat to make them fade away, even boiling water poured directly on the surface doesn’t do the trick.

Time and temperature: the ultimate super villains.

Another gem from the Community Warehouse’s blog, The folks who sell out of the estate store and update the store’s blog clearly are having a great time with it.

What’s Community Warehouse, you ask?

Watch this vid & find out about this great community organization that’s in our neighborhood (and on NE MLK Boulevard):


If you live in the neighborhood and you have a mattress that you’re done with, drag it over to Community Warehouse’s donation center behind the estate store, instead of leaving it out on the side of the street for the rain and mold to eat away at it!



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