Eyelash extensions on Portland’s MLK Boulevard –

There are at least two places on the boulevard where you can get eyelash extensions, something I hadn’t at all thought of, or heard anything about, until I saw this sign –

-out in front of LA Nails, 6804 NE MLK (next to Enaysha Salon, on the corner of MLK & Dekum):

The folks are LA Nails are using a product called Reese Robert lash extensions. From the Robert Reese website:

Long, full, healthy lashes are as intrinsic to maintaining a youthful look as flawless skin and rested eyes. With Reese Robert lash extensions there is no need to cover your natural beauty with layers of make up. Reese Robert lash extensions create a thicker base and longer individual lashes creating an open-eyed, rejuvenated look.

The lash extensions last from four to six weeks making it easy to wake up in the morning looking refreshed and ready to go. With Reese Robert lash extensions a little lip gloss and blush goes a long way. Even while exercising or swimming these lash extensions will keep eyes looking fabulous.

It is nice to hear that lash extensions reduce the need for using make-up on other parts of the face. Reese Robert features a whole slew of lash styles, including ones named Disco Dreamer, Vavoom, Toxic (!), Been Around, Nobodys Sister, Eye Candy, Fake It, and many more.

A person who seeks lash extensions might also head to Midori Lashes & Skin Care, at 4839 NE MLK, Suite 201 (above the P.A.C.E. Fitness Center).

According to Midori’s website,

Midori is an award winning professional aesthetician who has been perfecting her trade for 15 years. Her primary goal and philosphy revolves around you the customer. She believes in providing the highest quality products and services at affordable prices. Midori’s skills and expertise were initially learned and perfected in Japan; where she managed a busy salon for 9 years.

This passion, professionalism, and love of the field is what makes Midori unique from other salons. You can rest assured that you will only receive the best products and services with Midori Lashes & Skin Care.

A review of Midori on yahoo tells us:

Midori is just a sweet, well trained professional. The salon is boutique like, very well designed and in a good spot on MLK. I have gotten so many comments on how well my lashes were done by beauticians and other lash experts.

Midori notes that an ‘eyelash extension consultation’ is free.  The first full set of lashes costs $150, with touch-ups running $30-60.  In the event you are wondering exactly how lash extensions are applied, Midori breaks down the process for you into easy-to-understand steps, on her site.



A couple of thoughts on eyelash extensions gathered through the magic of Bing:

Tiffany says: Another danger is the eyelashes are very addictive. You feel naked without them and needy of a refill every 6 weeks or so. So, you better think twice before going for it.

A USA Today article quotes: “They give the eyes an instant lift, with no needles or injections,” says Glamour beauty writer Tram Kim Nguyen. “You can roll out of bed looking great.”


Well… what do you think of lash extensions?



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