Dunes is closed.

With the renovation of the decrepit Boxlift Building underway, our little Northeast nightclub-on-the-edge, Dunes, is gone – hopefully, not forever. As a thank you to Dunes for its many years of putting on fascinating and unexpected performances, here’s video of a Weird Viction projection set, from 2009, at Dunes:

Weird Fiction’s website describes it thus:

Weird Fiction has been described as an interdisciplinary arts group operating on the innards of the technocultural imagination. Based in Portland, OR, regionally and intergalactically, Weird Fiction has produced speculative fiction blogs, multimedia performance, videos, interactive installations and book works since their inception in early 2009. Exploring the possibility spaces between fact and fiction, hype and horror, residual media and networked technologies; Weird Fiction traverse the outer regions and ramifications of today’s pervasive information environments.

Beyond these looming theory-objects are figures of evident pictorial intent, though the expressionistic ficto-quizzicism forbids a very clear idea of its nature. There seem to be humanoids dressed as monsters, monsters dressed as humanoids, or humanoids representing a monster of a form which only a diseased fancy could conceive. If, by way of a somewhat extravagant imagination, one yielded simultaneous pictures of an owl, a two-frame GIF animation and telecommunications detritus –this would not be be unfaithful to the spirit of Weird Fiction.


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