SCRAP grabs.

T******* and I made a lovely visit to the SCRAP wonderland the other day, filling up a large basket with all sorts of supplies and art-possibilities.  SCRAP, if you haven’t been, is a treasure of used items – crayons, cards, office supplies, fabric, yarn, pieces of glass, tile, metal and wood, and much more – that can be turned into … whatever you desire.

SCRAP,  the School and Community Reuse Action Project, has its store on MLK, along with with space for classes; a gallery of re-use art, including permanent exhibits and shows that rotate in and out; and a re:boutique, selling items made by re-use artists.

When T******* & I went, I was looking for some particular office-y items. I didn’t find any of them (sometimes SCRAP has exactly what I need for a project), but happily went home with a bagful of different stuff.  Here is some of what I scored at SCRAP…

Those handy signs can point you in any direction you want to go.

I picked up some art supplies. It’s hard to say right now what I’ll do with them – I might send T******* a card prettied up with these:

I founds these wonderful felt flowers. Thanks to the unknown artist who made them:

One of the flowers ended up adorning one of my bicycles:

I found a doll, and I bought it. She looks strange and some people might say she looks creepy. She reminds me of Kiki, whose beeper kept Shaye Saint John up all night in this video, causing Shaye to oversleep and miss a modeling session (which went to Brooke Shields). More about Kiki can be found here.

In the image above, Kikitoo is sunbathing atop a box of fancy paper, that I also bought at SCRAP.

I bought this yellow strip of tile, because it matches the colors in my kitchen:

Finally, I bought these strands of glittered balls:

Just in case you’ve never seen a glittered ball up close, this photo is for you:

Sometime soon I will write up a post telling the world about the most amazing thing that I have ever found at SCRAP, something that links to both my youth and my present-day way of being in the world. Such finds a person can make at SCRAP!


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