Kenyan Safari.


Mags and I wandered over to Kenyan Safari (3939 NE MLK) two weeks ago. Neither of us had been there before and I have wanted to check it out – I’ve been to the other Ethiopian/East African restaurants nearby, so it was definitely time to try it out.

It was mid-afternoon, and no one was in there except the proprietor. We wanted to chat with him, but we were distracted by the two TVs that dominated the dining room – one showing CNN, and one airing Al-Jazeera. It was a couple of days after the daring raid on Osama bin Laden’s bunker that captured the imagination of Americans, and so we sat through lunch watching CNN show the same digital ‘reconstruction’ of the raid on the compound again and again. We heard, in distressing depth, about the cameras that Navy SEALS wore on their helmets, and that military specialists would no doubt be analyzing footage from these cameras in depth, even though the SEAL soldiers were constantly on the move – we were assured several times of this last ‘fact.’

All the while, Al-Jazeera quietly displayed news from around the globe, in the background of Kenyan Safari.

The menu we were given was much smaller than the menu the restaurant shows online. I ordered an aptly-named ‘vegetarian dish’ – lentils, cooked greens, and an oily bread that was incredibly delicious, I could’ve gone on eating it all day. Mags had Mukimo, which was served as beef stew, alongside a mound of potatoes cooked with corn, and beans. He ate all the beef and there was some potatoes left, that I nibbled at, and it was clear that the beef and potatoes had to be eaten at once; the potatoes were tasty but too dry to be eaten alone.

Does a review need an ending? Can I summarize a meal that was primarily an experience in the redundancy of CNN’s description of a murder committed by the US government? Can I end this with ‘review’ with a digital shrug?



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