‘Google offers’ vs. groupon.

Today’s ‘google offer’ is a $8/goods for $4 coupon at Goldrush Coffee Bar, 2601 NE MLK.  Snap it up while you can! Do a web search on ‘google offers portland’ and you’ll come to the page for the coupon purchase. Goldrush is a lovely place, and far & away my favorite coffee shop on the boulevard.




Meanwhile, in the face of the gathering storm about groupon and its effect on small businesses, one of the owners of Wayne’s Chicago Red Hots has a letter to the editor in the current Willamette Week, excoriating groupon for drawing customers to the shop who appreciated neither the restaurant nor the neighborhood (Wayne’s is at 3901 NE MLK).

Notable is this quote from Randy Sanders, of Wayne’s:

[M]ost of our real vustomers are working kids that live in the same Northeast neighborhood where we’re located, along with contractors, UPS drivers, cops from the precinct down the street, the outside sales guys having a working lunch with their laptops, the old guys that hobble in for a Polish and a beer, the grade-school who shows up every other day to buy a basket of fries (“make sure they’re hot and crispy”0 for his grandma, etc.





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