Who put the harm in pharmacy?

The neon sign at the MLK Safeway has looked like this, at night, for months:



It shocks me that no one who works for the company sees it, ever, and thinks that it should be fixed. Here’s a photo of Safeway by daylight, where the menace at the chemist’s is less obvious:



2 thoughts on “Who put the harm in pharmacy?”

  1. Wow… A neon sign that’s partially burnt out. No other establishment has ever had one of those. Us employees at MLK Safeway are obviously the devil because of this. Oh, and don’t forget we don’t have plastic bags anymore. That couldn’t possibly be because of the new law, but must be because we have inferior customer service. Oh, and our prices are too high. I know, cause the same customers tell me EVERYDAY when they’re shopping there. *sigh*

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