Occupy MLK Boulevard.

From Jamie Partridge, via Occupy Portland’s facebook:


A suggestion from my friend Ross Danielson (contact him if interested)
OCCUPY MLK Blvd & Rose Parks Way

The large empty lot at the corner of NE MLK and Rosa Parks Way is probably owned by an investment group. Walsh Construction and Land
Grant or maybe even Habitat for Humjaniy were once aiming to do a progressive mixed use development with ample moderate affordable units. For the usual reasons, I suppose, the project folded about 5 years ago. I think that phyxically the site would be great for a mobile occupation. I think the site is symbolically appropriate as the corner of MLK and Rosa Parks. What about an occupation stay there that would feature a rededication and study of non-violence and honoring the history of the Afro-American Civil Rights struggle and the special contributions of King and Parks. Could be a good place to occupy (maybe not use that word) or hold mass vigil, maybe for the month of February. Or maybe begin on MLK Birthday. Prepare with invitations to local Afro-American leadeers to talk, maybe the Black Studies, Black History local people.

Anyway that is a beginning for an idea that I think might work right. If work righ, could also lead to an even more inclusive rally against treed and impunity, redress, etc. And attent to the disproportionate harm to Afro-American community by the bankeer/real estate/ fraud scam.

Fare thee well,


(copy-&-pasted as is, errors in the original)



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