Colston’s turned up again, this time on a lot between Jarrett and Ainsworth. Last year/ the year before he was selling wood under the moniker Colston’s Burnables (love the name) at a site a little further north. Now he’s selling wood still, but has added a BBQ stand:

The picture came out terrible, originally; summer sunlight in Oregon is difficult for me to work with. I applied the Holga-ish style in Picasa, and I think it turned out okay.


Bank of America Scumbaggery

These appeared on poles outside the Bank of America on MLK:

googling the title of that flier leads to this article.

We’ll see if attention turns to BofA after this week’s protest at Wells Fargo. The BofA building itself, 5775 NE MLK, was formerly the home of Benjamin Franklin Savings & Loan; before that (as best as I can tell), it held the Industrial Scale Company for a couple of decades, and in the early 50s it was the American British Cycles dealer. Next door was Homeyer’s Cleaning & Dye Works, from at least 1930 (possibly earlier), till about 1970.

The BofA building (built 1947):

This photo is touched up with the ‘1960s’ effect on Picasa. A little instagram-y, but not as dramatic. Here’s hoping that faded, blurry instagram photo-meme passes soon.  The second flier photo above was modified with Picasa’s Sharpen function, which used to help photos but now makes text on them unreadable. Since there’s a reasonably readable one above it, I’m going to leave it and simply enjoy the evidence that the flier-er likes to mix and change up paper colors.

Protest MLK’s Wells Fargo this Friday to demand disinvestment from prison profiteering.

Friday, Aug 3rd
Dump the prison stock protest
Portland Central American Solidarity Committee is keeping the pressure on Wells Fargo to dump its investments in the private prison industry, through which the bank profits from the detention of immigrants. Our campaign has ruffled some feathers in typical PCASC fashion, and we see signs that we’re having an effect. Join in.
4pm @ 5730 NE MLK Blvd


Check out PSASC’s page on Wells Fargo divestment campaign events.