500th post: M.O.M.S. Walk and a police stop on Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard.

The MOMS headed out on their walk to Washington – one hundred miles, and one hundred stories, as they crossed Portland and headed north over the river, to raise awareness about mental illness, and the reliance on psychiatric medications to extend the power of the legal/judicial system over people’s minds and bodies. The MOMS are people whose loved ones have suffered from the intersection of a deeply-troubled justice system, and a pharma-medical system whose overriding imperative is to serve those in power.

On their walk north, traveling up MLK Boulevard, they encountered a police stop. Ten Portland police officers were “needed” to stop and search a single automobile that four black youth were in. A gentleman with Portland CopWatch was on hand, and filmed the Moms interacting with the officers:

Who’s surprised that the police bureau would ‘waste’ so much time and officer energy on a useless stop? The police were doing exactly as they’re charged with – harassing the unwanted, and keeping steady pressure on black folks to find central Portland unlivable. Just as inner N/NE was once the dumping ground of Portland’s unwanted, now it is meant to be cleared of them, as the city needs more and more land close to downtown for (re)development.

JoAnn Hardesty and Dave Mazza discuss what occurs in the video above, on their KBOO program Voices From the Edge – the 7/26/12 episode.

My fifth hundred post on this blog (thank you to wordpress for counting them).  My first post was on April 20th, 2008, a photo of the Spiffin’ Up MLK clean-up that spring. More to come – that’s all I know for now.


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