Nightjar Tattoo & Gallery.

Jabarrie and I wandered further down MLK, and found that the Windows building now has a ground floor tenant.  We met Diana and Joseph, who are opening Nightjar Tattoo & Gallery. The space will hold both tattoo booths and a front area that is for art, gatherings, receptions, and such.

Windows is a rehabbed commercial building. All that remains of the original structure is the brick shell that surrounds the first floor. Apartments sit atop; it took several years for their complete construction; the original plan was for it to be condos, but presumably financing was withdrawn, and the building sat half-built for at least a year. Revived, the project has apartments ready for rent, and now a street-level tenant.

The building is at 7100 NE MLK, so not far from the revival of Dekum Street’s commercial life. This part of MLK isn’t experiencing the same changes… yet.


Diana and Joseph hope to have Nightjar ready for opening by next month. A nightjar, by the way, is a kind of nighthawk, sometimes called a goatsucker.

Here’s a 2009 photo of the Windows building, not finished but not radically different in appearance than what it looks like now. The ground floor held a business that sold windows, and one of its signs is still painted on the brick. A wooden “Windows” sign on the difficult-to-access north side of the building unfortunately disappeared some time in the last year or so.


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