Lightbox Kulturhaus.


On-going classes:

Personal Dance Technique:

Monday morning 9:30-11 a.m., Thursday night 5-6:45p.m.

Physical theater and Butoh dance training to cultivate authentic, spontaneous responses to set and scene. The Personal Dance is a practice of awakening the primitive body. Through exercises of expansion and contraction and in observance of the freedom of the breath and our bodies in 3-dimensional space, we gain greater movement choices and vocabulary. We come together to squeeze our individual stories from deep within ourselves. Play and dance inhabit the spaces in between.

teacher: jacob mooney



CLARMY: The New Cascadia Clown Army

a branch of the Cascadia Clown Clans and autonomous arm of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (c.i.r.c.a.)

Tuesday nights 7:30-11p.m.

A weekly gathering of clowns, buffoons, and tricksters who meet to practice physical theater games, samurai warrior training and devise absurdist responses to the collective consumer culture of insanity.

Facilitator: jacob mooney


Movement Research Lab: Embodied partner lifts and acrobatics

Thursdays 7-9p.m.

Teacher: Kraig Meade

I dunno whether that calendar of classes is current, but that’s what the website shows me. Email them for more info, of course.




Joyce Campbell at Goldrush.

Stop by Goldrush Coffee Bar, check out the photos of MLK Boulevard in earlier years (there are photographs from the 1930s, and one from considerably earlier than that, on the walls), have some snacks…

and check out Joyce Campbell’s work. Actually, you can’t do that, this exhibition is over, and these pieces hung on the wall earlier this summer. Nevertheless, I like her ability to take used bicycle chains and from them, make something simple and sweet. Here’s the show:







Prayer Project Portland

This is a little after the fact, but I thought it was interesting – certainly a bit of proof that MLK draws an amazing range of people pursuing so many disparate interests.


“Our thoughts and persistent prayers can send out powerful vibrations, that can create positive change,  in our economic, social, political, environmental, and individual quality of life.  Please join me in a consciousness raising experiment, to improve the quality of life in Portland, Oregon.  It will only cost you 10 minutes of your time a day.”

Macceo Pettis, Founder