Lightbox Kulturhaus.


On-going classes:

Personal Dance Technique:

Monday morning 9:30-11 a.m., Thursday night 5-6:45p.m.

Physical theater and Butoh dance training to cultivate authentic, spontaneous responses to set and scene. The Personal Dance is a practice of awakening the primitive body. Through exercises of expansion and contraction and in observance of the freedom of the breath and our bodies in 3-dimensional space, we gain greater movement choices and vocabulary. We come together to squeeze our individual stories from deep within ourselves. Play and dance inhabit the spaces in between.

teacher: jacob mooney



CLARMY: The New Cascadia Clown Army

a branch of the Cascadia Clown Clans and autonomous arm of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (c.i.r.c.a.)

Tuesday nights 7:30-11p.m.

A weekly gathering of clowns, buffoons, and tricksters who meet to practice physical theater games, samurai warrior training and devise absurdist responses to the collective consumer culture of insanity.

Facilitator: jacob mooney


Movement Research Lab: Embodied partner lifts and acrobatics

Thursdays 7-9p.m.

Teacher: Kraig Meade

I dunno whether that calendar of classes is current, but that’s what the website shows me. Email them for more info, of course.




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