Subway reptile: a baby alligator named Babydoll.

Last night (Friday evening), there were people out and about in fairly large numbers on MLK, near Fremont. Among them was a group of young lesbians hanging out in front of Local Lounge. As I walked past them, I heard one woman say ‘I just heard there’s a baby alligator in Subway!’ Of course, I had to join the semi-frenzied, semi-intoxicated* crowd rushing there to check out this surprising rumor.

Like all good rumors, it turned out to be a true. A woman was in line for a sandwich, cradling a live alligator in the crook of her arm. She told us it was about eighteen months old, and loved to be petted, barking at her as though she was her momma gator. The reptile has free range of the house, she told us, and is a spoiled (but lovable) brat. We stood around, asking questions and petting the little cutie. All the while, the Subway sandwic- maker impatiently interrupted the conversation to get the woman’s full order (I didn’t pay attention, otherwise I would tell you what it was), although I don’t know why, since there was no one else in line, the woman had an alligator in her arm, and why fuss about it?

*An approximate estimation of their general non-sobriety.

Thanks to Brie for the photograph.


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