More on Mack & Dub’s.

A video about the restaurant, prepared by American Airline’s My Black Atlas, a sort-of travel guide for Black folks:



And a review* written in the spring by Coco Madrid, who spearheads at least 1/2 of the club nights here in the city:


Yes I like my share of bourgeois establishments but sometimes I just want Popeyes!

I feel like Mack & Dub’s is my Popeyes of Chicken & Waffles. It’s not mind blowing but it’s tasty!

I had the 2 Waffles + Chicken Breast strips plate. The Waffles were a pretty good size, nothing special just some churched-up batter from a bottle. I had 5 or more medium sized strips that were perfectly golden and seasoned. Honestly better tasting and looking then the Chicken I just had at Simpatico (weird huh? but that shit was burnt!) last Sunday. This was all for $10. Not that bad for the size of every thing. Also, its not often that I leave a place with leftovers so I was happy to enjoy my seconds in the comfort of my home.

The space is still developing but looks a lot better than the BBQ joint that was there before. There are two dining areas plus an outdoor court yard that features a stage. This place is going to be poppin’ during the summer for sure!

The greatest thing about this place are the hours! Monday thru Thursday open 11am to 10pm, Friday & Saturday open 11am to 4am. That’s right! A late night place on MLK, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

So stoked for this!

And they are developing a brunch which I hope is a buffet!

All and all excited to have this place around. I hope it does well! I know I will be taking all of my out of town guests here from now on!

*reprinted with permission.


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