Please help prevent Dorian’s eviction! Calls needed.

Dorian Taylor from Portland, Oregon is facing eviction TODAY.


Dorian Taylor is a friend, comrade, afro-punk, anti-authoritarian, queer, feminist, and anti-racist organizer who hails from Texas and resides in Portland, Oregon. She shares her life and travels with her animal companion, a Jack-Rat Terrier, named Cletus. He currently assists her while she receives treatment, in New York. You can see Dorian in this video about Shit People say to Sick and Disabled Queers. 

Dorian needs our help! Dorian’s housing management Shaver Green has started the eviction process. Because Dorian uses a wheelchair and needs accommodations Shaver Green is claiming Dorian has been negligent in her home and refuses to pay for making any accommodations to her apartment of four years. Through a weird legal loop hole they can refuse these changes because she wasn’t using a chair when she moved in and they want her to pay for part of her accommodation costs.

As you can see here as she demonstrates getting in and out of the shower, Dorian’s home is dangerous and needs these changes. Instead she has been targeted by management for such things as not cleaning her bathroom mirror thoroughly or damage to the doorway they refuse to expand to ADA code. Dorian has friends and community clean her place regularly so this type of concern is a way of micromanaging the areas of her apartment that she can’t clean regularly or safely. I’ve been to her home, there is no reason for concerns by management. Due to legal issues and arrest record (for demanding her rights to medical care) finding new housing will be very difficult.

Please call Shaver Green and ask that they stop the eviction process of Dorian Taylor.  If you can’t call and have the ability to donate, please use this link to donate to Dorian’s ongoing fundraiser for medical, housing, and legal costs.

This post was originally blogged here.

I’ve met Dorian and consider her a friend. She graciously allowed me to sit in on a conversation she had with a manager at Local Lounge concerning some troubling behavior on the part of Local’s barstaff recently.

Both Local Lounge and Shaver Green, the apartment building Dorian is being evicted from, are on MLK. Dorian has told me great stories about interacting with various folks on the street.


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