Marijuana sales on MLK Boulevard brought to swift halt.

I heard about this, but missed seeing any news article covering it, until now:

Man uses barbershop shack as front to deal marijuana, police say.

A man is accused of using his barber shop — a 10-by-10-foot shack in a parking lot in Northeast Portland — as a front to deal marijuana…  After the surveillance, officers gathered enough evidence to execute two search warrants of Sh’Aaron’s Looks, at 5800 N.E. Martin Luther King Blvd., and Peterson’s residence in the 5700 block of Northeast 12th Avenue.


The best part are these sentences:

Peterson also did not have a license to cut hair, Simpson said.

In fact, Simpson wasn’t sure if Peterson gave any haircuts at all.

“They go in with long hair and they come out with long hair,” he said of the patrons.


Thousands of automobiles pass this location every day, discharging toxic gas, poisons that corrode and destroy human tissue much faster than any amount of marijuana could ever do. Fortunately, we have our priorities as a community in perfect working order.



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