Update on robbery at MLK/Sumner’s 7-11: charges thrown out by judge.

In a ruling that centered in part on whether black people are the only persons who might use a hair-pick, a County Circuit Judge barred a suspect’s statement from being used in court, spurring prosecutors to drop charges altogether in a 7-11 robbery earlier this year.

zz no 7-11

There was a brief but passionate movement by neighbors to halt construction and opening of this 7-11, at MLK & Sumner, a couple of years ago, as seen in the photo above.

This 7-11 branch claimed its first victim in the corporate scheme to eliminate competing, locally-owned businesses – Tana Mini Market, a few doors down, closed recently, to be replaced by a MetroPCS store. Notably, management of 7-11 promised to end sales of alcohol at the same time as other local mini-marts, but continues to sell alcohol until 2:30 even though nearby marts stop sales at midnight. No surprise there – since 7-11 management lied to the public at a community meeting about the existence of plans to build this store, in the first place.




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