Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

“There’s a way in which the process of memorialization is sometimes the first step in collective forgetting,” says Leigh Reiford, a professor at Berkeley and co-editor of the anthology “The Civil Rights Movement in American Memory.” “We name our monuments, we name our streets, and they’re meant to do the work of memory for us.”

Another, Jonathan Tilove, put it even more succinctly: “To name any street for King is to invite an accounting of how the streets makes good on King’s promise or mocks it.”

MLK Boulevard: A Snapshot of King’s Dream Deferred, at Colorlines

Meanwhile, “Retailers turn MLK Day into a shopping bonanza” – as if more proof is ever needed that capitalism is a fatal illness to any society that contracts it.

A on-going collection of photos of MLK Boulevards around the country: MLK BLVD @ wordpress.



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