Summer Salon Series at Lightbox Kulturhaus kicks off, Friday the 6th

Please Come Experience The Zest Of Life With LIGHTBOX KULTURHAUS In June! Lightbox Kulturhaus And We, The Hallowed Presents The First Of Our Summer Salon Series Featuring; new artwork by Theodore Holdt, The Sacred Selves and Tanzspiel Kollektiv and Improv Jazz group Sayyazz

June 6 at 7pm. Performances began at 8pm FREE EVENT
2027 NE MLK Jr Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97212 503 750 3811


Theodore Holdt has been painting ever sense he started to paint and will continue to paint until he stops. “For Theo, shifting back and forth between large paintings and micro-works disrupts rumination and allows intuition and feeling to quell plotting thought. Meanwhile, associations tucked into the interstices of his micro-paintings and the folds of larger canvases entice viewers toward meditative thought. In associative contemplation, viewers draw wild card images and blanks pointing in many directions; chattering minds grow quiet as they become engrossed in following the serpentine story-worlds woven into Theo’s multi-dimensional universe.” S Comstock

Sayyazz is described by some as a flock of improvisational musical birds turning on an invisible cue, together rising, exploring, flying about in invented patterns, landing as if choreographed, but only in the moment, upon the whim, urge and call of the wild. What you will hear will be heard only then, in the moment, co-created just for you, with you, one of the birds whose signals we heed, in collusion. Eric Buchner on flute and guitar, Dean Boudouris on Bass and tenor sax, Marcia McReynolds on voice.


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