Brittaney Taylor’s campaign to expand Vintage By The Pound – check it out!


“Vintage by the pound encourages personal exploration, and originality. When you shop here no one has dictated your look, presenting you with the same silhouette over and over, occasionally changing the color, fabric, or size. Here your look is truly your own, you’re drawn to a pop of color, texture of fabric It is my desire to elevate a storefront from a place of simply being a clothing store to being a beacon and a cornerstone to a cross section of minority communities.

This is especially important in a community like Portland where spaces for said communities are daily being pushed out by gentrification’s rapid development.”

Brittaney Taylor seeks to expand Vintage By The Pound from a thrifter’s paradise into a vital community node. Check out her GoFundMe page to hear more from Brittaney, and consider contributing to campaign.



“I plan to use Vintage by The Pound to pay forward the sense of purpose that it gives me. I seek to do this in a myriad of ways: from having homeless youth as volunteers in exchange for clothing and sewing lessons, hosting free talks and events, to simply being safe space. WE plan to partner with organizations like YES!A program that teaches youth sewing skills, to make onsite alterations giving the youth real world practice and also making clothes accessible to cutomers at a low price point And PFLAG to create a program that incorporates LGBT youth into Vintage by the Pound.”

Vintage By The Pound is at MLK & Stanton, across the street from SCRAP. The store closes this location on July 17th; more information on its new location to come! VBTP on facebook.




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