I Can’t Remember What This Used To Be.

Spreading Rumours has placed another signboard at MLK & Alberta:

SprRum1 SprRum2

The background on the images is an aerial map of a neighborhood. You can view the first Spreading Rumours signboard that was placed at this site here; there are others around town, including one that’s been up on Mississippi Avenue in front of Beacon Sound for a few weeks.

Spreading Rumours is also participating in an event this afternoon, taking place at the ploughed-over lot along NE 14th Avenue just north of Fremont, a ceremony that uses this site – emptied and being readied for the construction of eight rowhomes – as a emotional and physical field to explore loss and grieving in the decades-long displacement of Albina’s black population, and solidarity with those whose communities and cultures were destroyed when Europeans arrived on the continent:

Object Permanence Project Presents: Minus Us
keyon gaskin -Performance at 4pm
Anna Gray+Ryan Wilson Paulson
Jodie Cavalier
Claire Redman
Jonah Porter …with Spreading Rumors and Roger Peet

Let’s explore the excavated building site as landscape as gallery -formally stunning, tragic. We were struck by the irony of a site reminiscent of the ruins of Pre-Columbian civilization -prescient visions of our own societal ruins presented as art space on a holiday we reject.

This space is a crack we can squeeze into and pry open to make room for artists, subalterns, thinkers. We dispute the stories of the havers, controllers, and owners.
The inaccessibility of these houses, once built, is a common refrain.Yet, we have access to the hole, as empty space, for a limited time. As soon as the concrete is poured, something happens. We are no longer welcome. Not unlike the family that lived in the house that is now a hole.

This event extends a solidarity to all displaced people.

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