A short step from the police pitching possums at the Burger Barn, to PPB’s aggression towards men of color today…

Hart Noecker writes at Rebel Metropolis:

In March 1981, Portland police officers grotesquely killed several possums, then threw their dead bodies at a black-owned restaurant in North Portland in a sickening display of violence meant to terrorize a community. That was then. This is now. And nothing’s changed.

In recent days, numerous Portland Police Bureau officers have taken to social media to show their support for killer cop Darren Wilson, who in August executed an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown. For anyone still believing Portland is somehow different, somehow immune from the racist institution that is law enforcement, here’s your wake up call.

Read more at Rebel Metropolis here.

That restaurant garlanded with possums shot to death by aggressive, racist cops was the Burger Barn; Teressa Raiford is working to restore the building, both its physical structure and its place as a gathering/community place for black Portlanders.


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