Calling on PHB to prioritize land acquisition for affordable housing in N/NE Portland

Dear Portland Housing Bureau:

As a group of 19 community-based organizations, we call on PHB to urgently prioritize the acquisition of land for affordable housing in N/NE Portland — including as a central component of the $20 million North/Northeast Neighborhood Housing Strategy.
Please find our full statement attached [to this post].

Our organizations include Inner N/NE Portland’s long-standing affordable housing providers (PCRI, Sabin CDC, REACH Community Development), respected community advocates (Urban League of Portland, PAALF, Community Alliance of Tenants), and educators and social service providers that are on the front lines of addressing the consequences of continued community displacement (SEI, Bradley Angle, Open Meadow).

Land-banking must be prioritized now, before properties in our neighborhoods become even more expensive and opportunities to acquire them disappear. Spending limited funds to develop a small number of units would squander our best opportunity to interrupt the process of gentrification and displacement. Banking land now, however, leverages future resources and enables us to build communities that are inclusive and affordable for all — for the long haul.

We look forward to working with PHB to develop and implement a bold land-banking strategy that will ensure housing opportunity in our neighborhoods for generations to come.


Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives, Inc. (PCRI)
Urban League of Portland
Portland African American Leadership Forum (PAALF)
Self Enhancement, Inc. (SEI)
Sabin CDC
REACH Community Development
Boise Neighborhood Association
Sabin Community Association
Community Alliance of Tenants (CAT)
OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon
N/NE Neighbors for Housing Affordability
PFLAG Portland Black Chapter
Housing Land Advocates
Upstream Public Health
Open Meadow
Bradley Angle
Right 2 Survive
Right 2 Dream Too
Groundwork Portland
Lisa Bates, urban planning scholar
Midge Purcell, Urban League of Portland
Kate Allen, community development consultant
Cameron Herrington, N/NE Neighbors for Housing Affordability
CC: Portland City Commissioners, Portland Housing Advisory Commission

Land bank statement to PHB

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