#blackchildrenmatter – MLK Boys & Girls Club, February 7th.


This empowering, community-based art performance uses music, movement, song and poetry (created by Portland parents) to celebrate the humanity and worthiness of our black children. ALL FAMILIES ARE WELCOME whether you have black children or not and whether your children are bi-racial, adopted, foster or otherwise. In light of recent events, black children need to be reminded that they are loved, supported, honored and accepted just the way they are. They need to hear from us that THEY ARE WORTHY!!

Dozens of poems submitted by parents who wanted to pay tribute to their children will be included in the performance, and the poems will also printed onto souvenir posters (see posted examples). Any parents who want their own posters can still submit their poems through my website until Jan. 30: www.ReneeMitchellSpeaks.com

In addition, families with black children are invited to take FREE professional portraits at the event. The pictures will also be included in a quilted “My Black Family is Worthy” book, created by internationally acclaimed visual artist Adriene Cruz. Both the portraits and the book will be presented at a subsequent community event.

Attendees are also invited to attend the all-ages “Be The Change” concert that follows. Those performers include Talilo, Darlene Solomon-Rogers, Swiggle Mandela, Rose City MissChief and Michael Crenshaw.

This celebratory event is sponsored by the Regional Arts & Culture Council, the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication and Twysted Healing Systahs. A BIG HUG & THANK YOU also to the community based organizations which endorsed this event, including:
* Black Parent Initiative
* Boys & Girls Club of Portland Metropolitan Area
* City of Portland Office of Youth Violence Prevention
* International Center for Traditional Childbearing
* iUrban Teen
* Journey to Freedom Project Foundation
* North by Northeast Community Health Center
* UrbanLeague Portland
* Urban Mommy Inc.
* Y.O.U.th (Youth Organized and United To Help)
and others.

Please spread the word because:

Black lives matter!
Honor my sons!
Black lives matter!
Honor my daughters!
Black lives matter!
Honor my community
And when I honor you, I honor me!


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