Joseph Smith’s word.

Tonight, two LDS missionaries came up to me on the street, in the dark, one of them fresh-faced in that Mormon missionary way. He did all of the talking, as he asked me whether I’d encountered an LDS mission worker in the past.

(Me, to test him): Well, I’ve had sex with one.

Oh, did they get a chance to share the Word with you?

No, we didn’t get that far.

Were you hoping to hear the Word, or…

I don’t know. It just happened.

So. Was it a boy and a girl?

It was a guy.

Interesting… (He smiled throughout, persistently keeping my attention, in a bland but cheerily friendly way.)

I shrugged. ‘It happened.’

He didn’t flinch throughout, which I appreciated for a couple of reasons, so I let him make my pitch. I told him the same thing I tell every Christianist crusader – I’m Jewish, and if it was good enough for Jesus to be Jewish… it’s probably good enough for me. This more-or-less ended the conversation, though he noted that he’s been studying Judaism, and then gave a copy of the Book of Mormon, and…. his phone number. Thank you, Elder Moore.



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