Affordable housing planned for MLK/Rosa Parks

I plan to make a summary post of housing developments along MLK – both ‘affordable housing’ projects and market-rate buildings – sometime before the end of the year, I suppose. In the meantime, here’s some news the Portland Housing Bureau issued today:

New affordable housing that will give priority to historic residents of the N/NE community is moving forward. The development team for the project — currently known as “Grant Warehouse” — is beginning work on design options, determining what size apartments they can achieve and how many.  The team is eager to have a design concept ready to share with the community by the end of year, and they look forward to hearing your feedback.
New funding has become available for more affordable housing in N/NE Portland. In addition to the $20 million dedicated to the N/NE Neighborhood Housing Strategy, another $6.5 million will go toward developing new affordable apartment housing. Two sites owned by the City of Portland and Multnomah County have been made available for redevelopment with these extra funds. Like Grant Warehouse, these projects will focus on the community priorities shared with us by hundreds of longtime residents.
The two sites are:

  • King Parks: 6431-6445 NE Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd (City of Portland)
  • North Williams Center: 2124 N. Williams Ave (Multnomah County)
We will begin seeking project proposals at the end of October, and begin selection  in early 2016. We will continue to provide updates as the process moves forward.
King Parks is the former ‘Piedmont Phase II’ site that has been empty for years, and has been discussed as a site for housing on and off for quite a while.

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